Terrifying Tales to Haunt Your Dreams

Scholastic | January 2010 | ISBN: 978-0545158916 | 112 pp | Grades 3-7

Scholastic Book Clubs presents this spine-tingling collection of ghost stories, featuring Elizabeth’s chilling “In for a Penny,” set in the same world as A Curse Dark as Gold.


If you come into the Red Drake Inn on a rainy night and ask for a table by the fire, don’t be surprised if they have one open. The Red Drake’s a big inn, and prosperous—probably the biggest on the Haymarket Road. But even on a crowded night, when the wind shrieks past the gables, rain whips sideways across the moon, and the dogs are restless, the table by the fireplace is usually empty.

So when the hostess leads you there, sits you down, and asks you what’s your pleasure, and you run your hand across the worn wooden top, with all its glass rings and burn marks from hot plates, and your fingers come to the big deep gash in the wood—don’t be surprised if you feel a little chill or notice the regulars trying hard not to stare at you. And don’t be surprised about the silence that falls, or that it takes the serving girl a powerful long time to bring your food. . . .

Because that’s the table where Lizzie Penny won her fight with a ghost.