Welcome to the New Site!

Hello! You’ve found me! If you’ve visited the site before, you’ll have noticed some big changes. I’ve been busy this summer Making new books and working on this site. The beautiful new format is the design work and technical wizardry of Jenny Medford of Websy Daisy. I told Jenny what I was looking for, and she came back with something that I didn’t even realize I’d always wanted (she’s spooky good that way). I love how it conjures up a hidden storefront in a side street that you’ve wandered down by chance, a dusty little shop full of oddments and curiosities and antiques that are probably haunted…

Illus. by C. Green for The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens


There is much afoot in my writerly life these days. In addition to the new site, I’m hard at work on a new series. My first book for middle graders, Premeditated Myrtle, launches in May, from the wonderful team at Algonquin Young Readers. I can’t wait for everyone to meet my new heroine, and join in her misadventures in Victorian criminology. We have a spectacular, very very secret cover by an Incredible Famous Artist, and I’m told that will go public next month, so stay tuned!

I’m just about to turn in revisions on the second Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery, and get started working on Book 3. But I’ll still have plenty of time for school visits and workshops, so check out the Events page for where you’ll find me in the next few months, or to schedule an appearance.

I also have all-new professional portals on Pinterest and Facebook, which you’ll find at the social links at the bottom of every page, or on the Contact page.

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This blog is where I’ll be periodically posting news and information on upcoming events and bookish things, thoughts on the writing process, and random musings on various other projects. Make sure to subscribe to posts to stay up to date.

Thanks for stopping by!



Welcome to my blog!

Stay tuned for event info, book releases, featured Makers, and more!