#MyrtleMondays: So Much Stuff!

In our ongoing series on 19th century consumer culture, I’ve tried to impress upon you the vast amount of sophisticated material goods that were readily available to the average Victorian shopper. Well, I recently had that very point impressed upon me, and today I’m going to share some fun photos that will drop you right back into the world of Victorian… stuff.


#MyrtleMondays: Happy Birthday, Myrtle!

You would have no reason to know this (and so you are forgiven for not sending a card), but yesterday was Myrtle Hardcastle’s birthday! No, not a book release date (though we have one coming soon!), but her actual calendar birthday, according to information in Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries #2, How to Get Away with Myrtle. Well, I suppose you do have a reason to know this. Card negligence forgiveness rescinded.

But while we were marking the occasion, it seemed the perfect time to talk about how the Victorians celebrated birthdays. (more…)