#MyrtleMondays: The Girl Detective, Part 3

Recently I introduced you to two of mystery fiction’s first young female sleuths. Today we continue our series on The Girl Detective, featuring one of my favorite early investigators. (more…)

#MyrtleMondays: Victorian Police Equipment

Shackles and rattles and whistles–oh, my! Before the days of Kevlar, body cams, and radar, 19th century police were equipped with the most modern technology of the day. Let’s take a look at the cutting-edge crime-fighting equipment of the Victorian era. (more…)

#MyrtleMondays: On Treadmills

I am swiftly approaching my deadline for Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries Book 5, Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity-and this stage of the process always feels like I’m running in place: writing and writing and writing and getting absolutely nowhere, until suddenly I’m done! Hoping for that magical moment to arrive any day now.

This is actually quite a fitting metaphor for writing in general, and for the Myrtle books in particular. Come learn the sinister history of treadmills… (more…)