#MyrtleMondays: Fan Art Unboxing!

Dear Readers,

As artists, creators, writers, and Makers of all sorts, we rely on our inspirations for what we do. So when another artist is inspired by¬†your work to Make something amazing, it’s the greatest thrill you can imagine. I am beyond delighted to share with you some absolutely stunning fan artwork that arrived on my (very fortunate) doorstep this weekend!


#MyrtleMondays: World Doll Day celebrates Myrtle Hardcastle, June 11

Dear Readers, you would be hard pressed to find more thrilling news for any author, and I am so excited to share a huge event in the real life of the fictional Myrtle Hardcastle! (more…)

#MyrtleMondays: Cover Reveal Day for IN MYRTLE PERIL!

Dear Readers, I am absolutely thrilled and delighted about the fantastic new cover for Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries Book 4, In Myrtle Peril, coming October 4 and now available for pre-order!

Our wonderful friends at Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston are hosting the cover reveal on their social media today. I won’t steal their thunder, so scurry on over to visit them at:




I could not be more excited about Myrtle’s latest misadventure in Victorian criminology. In Myrtle Peril is full of perilous pursuits of all kinds—from danger on the high seas to the risks of 19th century medicine to unseen villains lurking in surprising places. All of your favorite members of Myrtle’s cohort are back, including Peony, Miss Judson, Mr. Blakeney, and, of course, Myrtle’s father—who is even crankier than ever in this latest tale.

I think I say this every time, but artist Brett Helquist has outdone himself with this one. It has two of my favorite things he’s ever done on the Myrtle series—and that is saying something!!

…And to see what those are, you’ll have to visit Blue Willow Bookshop on Facebook!

In Myrtle Peril is coming to Blue Willow and bookstores and libraries everywhere October 4! Don’t forget to pre-order your own copy—you won’t want to miss it.