About Me

I am a fan of all things fantastical, mysterious, spooky, and old. I write historical fantasy, mysteries, and ghost stories for young readers, and discerning not-so-young readers. My books are inspired by real places and cultures of the past, often with otherworldly or magical elements.

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember—even before I knew it was a job. I’ve always been interested in literature, folklore, history, and culture, so I studied English and anthropology in college. But I’ve only ever worked as a writer (although not all my writing jobs were as interesting as being a novelist).

I’m a native Midwesterner, living in the tall grass prairie near Kansas City with my husband and our feline supervisory staff. When I’m not writing, you’ll usually find me Making something—cosplay, needlework, historical costuming, quilting… but not cooking.

In 2009 my first book, A Curse Dark as Gold, won the inaugural William C. Morris Award for a Young Adult Debut, further cementing my affection for librarians everywhere! You can read my acceptance speech on the Making Page, and learn more about the Morris Award from YALSA.

Have fun prowling about the website; here you’ll find information about me and my books, as well as other places (real and virtual) I may be found. When you’re done prowling, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!