#MyrtleMondays: Myrtle Hardcastle Boxed Set Releases Tomorrow!

Dear Readers, I have a tale to spin for you today. It is a tale of woe, and redemption, and triumph! It is a tale of books, and boxed sets, and it is a tale with a Very Happy Ending Indeed!

One year when I was little, my older brother got a spectacular Christmas gift: a boxed set of mysteries by Edgar-nominated author Wylly Folk St. John. Oh, how I coveted that boxed set, and oh, how I loved those books:  Secret of the Seven Crows, The Gingerbread House Mystery, Uncle Robert’s Secret… every one a standalone, every one a standout (ok, I didn’t love-love The Christmas Tree Mystery, but the other five were favorites!). There was a particular magic in slipping each volume from its case; somehow, the box made those wonderful books even better.

The next year, Scott got another amazing present, yet another boxed set of treasured books: The Chronicles of Narnia.

What did Elizabeth get, you ask? *crickets* (No, nobody gave me crickets—thank goodness—that’s merely an expression… never mind.) What I did NOT get was a boxed set of books of my very own. Not that Christmas, nor the next, nor ever.

Guess I’ll just do it myself. Like everything. *sighsandrollseyes*

UNTIL NOW!!! Dear Readers, LOOK! Look and and stare in awestruck wonder: I finally have a boxed set of my very own—and as of tomorrow, May 7, you can have one, too!


The Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries Complete Gift Set is here! Five glorious paperback whodunits featuring your favorite Victorian detective, her stalwart governess, their long-suffering solicitor, and, of course, Peony the Cat! The set includes every Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery so far: Premeditated Myrtle, How to Get Away with Myrtle, Cold-Blooded Myrtle, In Myrtle Periland Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity, all in a beautifully-designed slipcase featuring artwork from the series. It really does make wonderful books even better.

Eat your heart out, big brother.

Order one for the book-loving younger sibling in your life today (and maybe for their older siblings to share). You’ll thank me later.


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  1. Patricia O’Brien

    Happy congratulations on achieving your very, very own boxed set. At last! SO happy for you. And us!!


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