MyrtleMondays: Archon 46 in St. Louis

Dear Friends, this coming weekend—September 29 through October 1—is Archon St. Louis, a splendid pop culture con just a hop, skip, and jump away from my neck of the prairie. I was Guest of Honor in 2022 (such a thrill!), and I’m excited to once more participate in the wonderful panels and cosplay, meet fellow writers and fans, and soak up the fantastic atmosphere.

From Archon 2022, with my fellow Guests of Honor

This year, I’m bringing a friend! Author L.S. Moore is celebrating the release of her debut YA paranormal mystery, BridgeKeeper, and I’ve coaxed her to attend along with me.

You can find Laura’s schedule–and all the panels and events–here.

I have another packed panel schedule, and I couldn’t be more excited to tackle these fascinating topics with other writers, fans, and Makers. Here’s where you can find me throughout the weekend:

Hats For All Occasions
Friday 3:00pm
With fellow costumers Pierre Pettinger and Nora Mai. I know I’m intrigued!

Autograph Session
Friday 5:00pm
Bring your books to the Fishbowl and get them signed! (I’ll have copies available, too.)

If You Like…
Friday 8:00pm
Fellow authors Cole Lanahan, Cheryl Medley, Sela Carsen, and I will chat about finding new books and movies based on your favorites… and how to position your own work in a bestseller-dominated market.

Story Beginnings: You Can Only Begin Once
Saturday, 10:00 am
Join me, Jeannie Lin, Michales Joy, Debbie Manber Kupfer, and Howard Andrew Jones in a lively discussion of the elements of an unforgettable beginning.

Exploring Middle Grade and YA Fiction
Saturday, 1:00 pm
I chat with Donna J.W. Munro, Deborah Milletello, and Adam J. Whitlatch about what makes writing for young readers so special. Bring your questions about breaking into kidslit!

Rewrite, Revise, or Edit?
Saturday, 4:00
Daniel O’Riordan, Christine Amsden, Rachel Neumeier, and I will take you on a deep dive into the critical art of polishing your prose—the nuts and bolts of what comes after you finish that first draft.

Once a Fan, Always a Fan?
Saturday, 5:00 Format: Panel
I join lifelong genre fans Alan DeVaughan, Bruce Mai, Jimmy D. Gillentine, and JD Streett in a look back at a life of science fiction and fantasy fandom.

Writing About Cultures to Which You Don’t Belong
Sunday, noon
Cole Lanahan, Deborah Milletello, Jonathan Mayberry, Howard Andrew Jones, and I tackle the tricky question of navigating the cultural divide in genre fiction, and how to get the details right.

I hope to see you in St. Louis next weekend at Archon! You can find many more scheduled events–don’t forget the amazing Masquerade! I got to judge last year!–at the Archon website.