#Myrtle Mondays: Illustrated Edition Unboxing!

Happy (belated) World Book Day! Each April 23 since 1995, UNESCO acknowledges the importance of reading, books, and copyright as a way to preserve and transmit knowledge and culture. And what better way to celebrate the international love of books than by unboxing a new foreign-language edition of Premeditated Myrtle!

Last week we celebrated the new release of the German language edition of Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries Book 4 (Eine Schifffahrt, die ist todlich), and this week we have even more exciting foreign edition fun to share.

Julia Dobrovolskaya’s beautiful cover art to Myrtle and the Golden Lily

Every time an author’s words finally become a physical book, it’s special. Seeing your story become A Real Book never gets old, and every single Myrtle edition has been a genuine thrill for me. But the Russian-language edition published by Five Quarters is extra-special, because it is fully illustrated! IN COLOR!!

And yes, I am shouting! You would shout, too. Just take a look.

Can you believe it? The whole book is breathtaking, from the sturdy printed hardcover with its beautiful design reminiscent of 19th century books, to the selection of fonts and text art, to the end papers with the portraits of all the characters, to the gorgeous paintings with clues tucked away in all the glorious details…. I love that the publishing team chose one of my favorite scenes for the cover (Going Outside Alone After Dark)—just like on the American edition!

It’s a thrill and an honor to have my characters brought to life by other artists–seeing how people around the world have been inspired by what I’ve written is almost indescribable. I feel incredibly fortunate to have so much beautiful Myrtle art in the world, and I am delighted to add Julia Dobrovolskaya and Five Quarters to Myrtle’s growing international family! Спасибо!

4 Responses to “#Myrtle Mondays: Illustrated Edition Unboxing!”

  1. J. Hyde

    Super exciting! Congratulations on this new edition! Love it!

  2. Laura Moore

    It’s amazing to see artists’ interpretations of Myrtle and her gang. They’re each so distinctive and so beautiful! I wish I could read Russian!

  3. Judith Bunce

    I love your Myrtle books and have read each two times.