#Myrtle Mondays: Myrtle Hardcastle Krimi #4 Kommt diese Woche

Big news for our German Myrtle fans! Myrtle Hardcastle Krimi (Myrtle Hardcastle Thrillers) book 4, Eine Schifffahrt, die ist tödlich (A Deadly Voyage), comes out on Thursday, April 20!

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English-speaking readers know this volume as In Myrtle Perilwhich hit US shelves in October. Now Myrtle’s German readers will experience her latest perilous misadventure in Victorian criminology!

The Myrtle Hardcastle Krimi have had rave reviews from readers in Germany, and regular readers know how much I adore the splendid series design from publisher Knesebeck.

The other key member of Myrtle’s Knesebeck team, translator Nadine Mannchen has done a magnificent job bringing Myrtle & Co. to life for German readers. My Irrepressible Heroine and her Opinionated Feline Sidekick could not be in better hands.

Clearly destined for this project! |photo credit: nadine-mannchen.de

Congratulations to Nadine and the rest of the Knesebeck team! Eine Schifffahrt, die ist tödlich kommt am Donnerstag, April 20!


2 Responses to “#Myrtle Mondays: Myrtle Hardcastle Krimi #4 Kommt diese Woche”

  1. Laura Moore

    That is so cool that readers across the ocean will be enjoying adventures with Myrtle, and in another language!! Love the covers!