March 2023

#MyrtleMondays: The Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries are heading to China!

Dear friends, I am delighted to share the news that the Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries are going to be translated into Chinese and published in China. I’m excited to welcome Zhejiang Literature & Art Publishing House into Myrtle’s growing international family!

#MyrtleMondays: Planet Comicon Recap!

I spent this weekend in a magnificent flurry of cosplay and genre fandom! Kansas City’s hometown pop culture convention, Planet Comicon 2023 broke all sorts of records, including its largest ever attendance, some fabulous firsts for me, and Most Kittens at a Con.

#MyrtleMondays: Spring Forward!

Yesterday was one of my very most favorite days of the whole year! People fall into two camps about Daylight Savings Time (called Summer Time in the UK), and I am firmly in Camp Loving It. Let’s take a quick look back in time to find out who we have to thank for our extra… Read more »