Myrtle Mondays: Sneak Peek at Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity!

Well, I had some exciting Book Mail this week—and now I’m excited to share it with you!


It’s the proofs of the latest Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery: Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity! I like to work from both digital and hard copies, and with a couple assistants (human and feline). This is the very last stage in the production process, and consequently one of the most thrilling: it’s a real book!

Always sound advice. Particularly if it’s a brushing glove…

The thrill has not worn off, even five books into the series. It’s still such a pleasure to leaf through a brand-new copy and see what the magnificent designers have wrought. This time, the spot illustration opening each chapter is this Mysterious Stump, and the chapter titles are drawn from Scottish clan mottos. And, of course, pithy epigraphs accompany each new chapter.

Really a real book!

But that’s not all! The proofs were accompanied by a sneak peek of my very own: Advance Review Copies of the new book. They were quickly snatched up by eager household members, and I’ve already lost track of at least two copies. Ahem. (Everyone here has already read it, but it’s still different when it’s A Real Book!)

One big difference between the ARCs and the Real Real Book is the special promo material on the back and inside covers. (Hey, guess what? I’ll be on a regional tour!)

…But there was a teeny tiny cat-centric mishap, and Myrtle’s Fearless Feline Sidekick failed to show up for Picture Day. So the anxiously-awaited Portrait of Peony the Cat did not make it to the proofs (sob!). She has been tracked down, thank goodness, and I was able to grab a quick snapshot of her before she slipped off to be printed. You’ll have to wait for the Really Real Books to see all of her, though.

Off on More Important Business, apparently.

Peony, Myrtle, and friends old and new are coming your way—via Scotland!—October 24!


5 Responses to “Myrtle Mondays: Sneak Peek at Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity!”

  1. Beth

    We do hope you will visit St Louis area (or Portland OR)!
    Our “grandparents bookclub” online with granddaughter Rubina includes every Myrtle adventure.

    • Elizabeth C. Bunce

      I would love that, too!! (Two of my favorite cities.) So glad you and Rubina are enjoying Myrtle!

  2. Patricia O’Brien

    Can hardly wait for the next installment and to see the rest of that rascally Peony.

  3. Sarah

    When will this book be on Libby Or at my local bookstore? I love your books. Thank you so much for writing them.

    • Elizabeth C. Bunce

      Hi, Sarah! I’m so glad–thank you for reading them! I would expect it to become available at your library by the release date (Oct 24), and if your local bookstore doesn’t carry it, by all means ask them to! Happy reading!