#MyrtleMondays: New Foreign Edition Released!

Dear Friends, we are just about two weeks away from the next Myrtle Hardcastle MysteryIn Myrtle Peril! (And the same-day release of the paperback edition of Cold-Blooded Myrtle!) Stay tuned for virtual and in-person tour dates and booksigning news. But readers across the globe this week are getting their very first glimpse at Myrtle—and what a glimpse it is.

This beauty is the Russian-language hardcover edition of Premeditated Myrtle, or Myrtle and the Mystery of the Golden Lily, from Five Quarters. I love seeing how different publishers interpret and package the text, and I have loved every single new cover more than the last. This one, though—this speaks to my young reader’s heart. It reminds me of the edition of The Secret Garden I grew up with.

Here, let’s take a closer look at that gorgeous illustration by Julia Dobrovolskaya.

The Secret Garden doesn’t have a cat. Just sayin’.

But wait–there’s more! The book is fully illustrated—in COLOR! I can’t show you all of the beautiful interiors, but here’s a glimpse or two…

You can’t see all the beautiful textures and depth in this little snip, but I will say… you may be seeing this dress again. 😉

And one of my most favorite things about this edition—the splendid endpapers featuring portraits of the entire cast:

I must say, I highly recommend to any author having a fully-illustrated edition of one of your books. This is a treat beyond description, and I envy all the young (and youngish) Russian readers who will get to curl up with this beautiful book!

2 Responses to “#MyrtleMondays: New Foreign Edition Released!”

  1. Debby

    How Exciting! and How Interesting to see another artist’s interpretation of your novels. What a wonderful writing journey you are on! Congrats!