#MyrtleMondays: Fan Art Unboxing!

Dear Readers,

As artists, creators, writers, and Makers of all sorts, we rely on our inspirations for what we do. So when another artist is inspired by your work to Make something amazing, it’s the greatest thrill you can imagine. I am beyond delighted to share with you some absolutely stunning fan artwork that arrived on my (very fortunate) doorstep this weekend!

This spring I was lucky enough to do an event for Sterling Heights Public Library near Detroit (which has a brand-new Maker Space!), hosted by the amazing librarian Krista Ghazar. But Krista is not just a librarian, she’s also the creative Maker behind Ghazar Glass, custom-designed stained glass art featuring some of your favorite characters!

Just look at this glorious piece in detail…

The covers of the Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries are true collaborations, from the words in my head to the original Victorian Makers of period clothing to the design team at Algonquin Young Readers, to the paintbrush of Brett Helquist… and back again. Seeing Myrtle go on to inspire readers, librarians, and artists is an author’s dream come true.

Krista, there are just no words for how amazed, touched, honored, and thrilled I am!  Thank you!

3 Responses to “#MyrtleMondays: Fan Art Unboxing!”

  1. J. Hyde

    What a lovely gift! Super cute stained glass. Love it!

  2. Debby Chase Putman

    Over the top Perfect! Congrats to all involved in the book series and the beautiful extra Art that has come from your 1st idea 5 books ago. Debby