December 2021

#MyrtleMondays: Boxing Day

No discussion of Victorian Christmas would be complete without mention of the day¬†after Christmas Day, known in Britain and its colonies as Boxing Day. If you have English or Australian friends or watch a lot of PBS, you’ve no doubt heard of this quintessential British observance, but what exactly is it? And what does it… Read more »

#MyrtleMondays: A Merry Myrtle Christmas from me to you!

Dear friends and Readers, as the Victorian Christmas of 2021 draws nearer, I want to take this moment to send my thanks for the goodwill and holiday cheer we here in Myrtle’s world have felt from all corners of the globe this year.

#MyrtleMondays: Victorian Christmas on Film

Christmas is the summer of the soul in December —The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) Charles Dickens might not have written those splendid words that songwriter Paul Williams put in his characters’ mouths almost 150 years later. But Dickens would undoubtedly have appreciated the sentiment in this and the more than 100 other versions of his… Read more »