#MyrtleMondays: Victorian Cats Redux

Dear Reader: this has been a week of absolute madness in the Bunce household! Drama, trauma, and news of all kinds (including the very best kind—which is not quite ready to share). I am behind on everything, and so it seems the perfect time for a Cat Break.

Somehow I’m reminded of my parents telling me “Every day is Children’s Day…”

Last Friday, October 29, was National Cat Day in the US, and to celebrate, Algonquin Young Readers featured our own Peony from the Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries, and her cohorts Anton & Cecil from Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin’s delightful series.

What better way to observe the festivities than with our favorite Internet pastime, looking at cat pictures! And so for your viewing pleasure, here is a second collection of Victorian cat imagery.

We’ll begin with an all-new category: Advertising Cats—Companies shamelessly exploiting felinity for monetary gain.

Because cats immediately make you want to buy shoes

Ok, OK. Just me, then?

Not to be outdone, we also have Vehicular Cats:

Cycling cats on penny farthings advertising thread!

The 1800s version of If It Fits, I Sits

Well, this would never happen IRL.


A cat bicycle cab!

And, of course, Sporting Cats:

Some Early American Cats

Hooked rug, 1880s, Maine

Girl Teasing Cat, c. 1840, Samuel Miller

Bookish Cats (a favorite!)

Charles H. Ross: The Book of Cats, 1868, is a look at cat folklore and superstition through the ages. Read more here

Weir’s 1892 affectionate and effusive guide to the cat fancy is lavishly illustrated. Read it here.

A splendid book told from a kitten’s POV, Ballantyne’s children’s tale is available  here

From my feline crew to yours, here’s wishing you a happy belated Cat Day (every day is… ahem.)!

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  1. Judith Ann

    Very interesting information all about Cats., I enjoyed reading and seeing all the pictures.
    A lot of news I did not know before.


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