August 2021

#MyrtleMondays: Back to School

Oh, dear. Are there any more depressing words in the English language? I’m actually about to be on holiday (vacation) after turning in Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries #4, but even so, contemplating the end of summer is still like fingernails on… well, you know. And for the second year in a row, kids are facing schoolyears… Read more »

#MyrtleMondays: Seeing Stars

Well, friends, this has been quite a week in Myrtle’s world! I just wrapped a wild weekend of signing books for fans old and new at Planet Comicon Kansas City, but before that, we had some great news…

#MyrtleMondays: Planet Comicon this weekend!

It’s (finally) convention season in Kansas City! I’m delighted to share the news (or maybe just remind you) that I will be a featured guest at Planet Comicon this weekend, August 20-22.