#MyrtleMondays: Cold-Blooded Myrtle Video Hijinks

Dear Reader, call it Solstice Silliness, call it Mercury in Retrograde, call it Cabin Fever… whatever you call it, the Bunce household has descended into full-on wackiness this week. We’re braiding each other’s hair, eating crisps for dinner and birthday cake for breakfast, and asking strangers to sing to us! And in that vein, I have a special treat for you today…


With the forthcoming release of Cold-Blooded Myrtle (October 5) on the horizon—just over four months away—excitement is building! Who is the most excited about the new book? I wouldn’t like to speculate, but I do have a nominee for Most Fan Enthusiasm. Check it out!

Quincy begs to differ.

(Please note our chic matching shirts. Thank you.)

Take it from Judy, folks! Pick up your copies of Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries Books 1 and 2, Premeditated Myrtle and How to Get Away with Myrtle today. Pre-order Cold-Blooded Myrtle and be the first on your block to get in on all the spooky, mysterious fun!


My late June and early July are shaping up to be chock full of events, so stay tuned for more audio and video shenanigans to come.

Guess who’s ready for Christmas in July?


Oh, and by the way, she skunked me at Clue.

It was Mrs. White (aka Dr. Orchid) in the billiard room with the rope.

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