June 2021

#MyrtleMondays: The News Never Rests

It’s another busy week in the world of the Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries. On my end, I’ve been working on revisions for Book 4, In Myrtle Peril—but watching me revise does not make for particularly gripping viewing. However, I do have a couple fun things for you to check out this week!

#MyrtleMondays: Cold-Blooded Myrtle Video Hijinks

Dear Reader, call it Solstice Silliness, call it Mercury in Retrograde, call it Cabin Fever… whatever you call it, the Bunce household has descended into full-on wackiness this week. We’re braiding each other’s hair, eating crisps for dinner and birthday cake for breakfast, and asking strangers to sing to us! And in that vein, I… Read more »

#MyrtleMondays: German Cover Reveal

Are you ready for more┬áPremeditated Myrtle excitement? We’re just a few weeks out from the German debut of the Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries, and I can finally share…