#MyrtleMondays: Premeditated Myrtle wins the Edgar Award!

Three months ago, I shared the thrilling news that Premeditated Myrtle had been nominated for an Edgar Award by Mystery Writers of America (along with some fun Edgar Allan Poe miscellanea). It’s been a bit of a wait, but last week we learned that not only was it nominated—IT WON!!!

My friend Erin made this awesome graphic, which I have shamelessly stolen for this post. Thanks, Erin! (And be sure to check out the amazing books by my fellow nominees.)


This year the awards ceremony was all virtual, and they are mailing us the awards, ceramic busts of Edgar Allan Poe:

Godspeed, Eddie(s)

I am incredibly grateful to MWA, and especially the (still top-secret) judging committee for Best Juvenile Mystery, fellow children’s mystery authors. Chair Bruce Hale (Edgar-nominee for his Chet Gecko series) presented the award:

Ooooh, that red envelope!!

You can watch the full awards ceremony here, neatly edited down to the presentations and acceptance speeches. (Best Juvenile is about the 17:30 minute mark. I was relieved it was early on in the program—I don’t think I could have stood the suspense otherwise!)

Yeah. Somebody’s sharing the spotlight…

Everyone has been so excited by the news! (See excited co-host of my acceptance speech, above.) To mark the occasion, I invested in a small (literally) token.

Miniature raven and book of poems. How apropos…

And being gloriously on theme…

My publisher sent Gilded Slipper lilies… THEY ARE BIGGER THAN MY HEAD. (Have no fear: they are safely locked in a cat-free room. But the whole house smells amazing!)

And my agent sent peonies for Peony!

We are still riding high from Edgars excitement, and plans are afoot to bedeck the entire house (and apparently your Learned Author) in Poe regalia. (Poe paper dolls, Poe quilt fabric, Poe stickers, Raven buttons, Poe socks… Ahem.) I think this calls for a Cask of Amontillado and a viewing of one of my favorite Edgar Award-winning films, Call Northside 777. 

Jimmy Stewart stars in a great true crime story solved by journalists using state of the art forensic techniques. Highly recommended!

Huge, huge, huge thanks to the Edgar Awards committee and crew, especially Margery Flax and Kathy Daneman, who kept us all organized, publicized, and informed the last three months and pulled off a massive feat with grace and aplomb. The Oscars of Mystery Writing is no small undertaking, even without the added challenges presented by a pandemic, but they made it seem almost easy. And thank you again to the judges! Cookies for everyone.

When the cookie cutter gets here.

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  1. J. Hyde

    Such a wonderful, well-deserved award! Congratulations!