Cold-Blooded Myrtle Cover Reveal Day!

Hello!! Looking for the fabulous new cover for Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries #3, Cold-Blooded Myrtle (including our big surprise)? Look no further!


Well, actually, look a little further. Our friends at MG Book Village are hosting the cover reveal today, April 28—which also includes an interview with me about Myrtle’s latest adventure. Head on over there now; I’ll wait.

I’ll just be here, until you get back…

What did you think? Isn’t it fabulous?! Artist Brett Helquist and the team at Algonquin Young Readers really brought my words to life.

Even better in person!

Cold-Blooded Myrtle is coming your way October 5, but just for stopping by, you get a sneak peek at Chapter One!

Click Here to read Cold-Blooded Myrtle Chapter 1

Will Myrtle ever find Miss Judson’s present?

Will the mistletoe strewn throughout No. 14 Gravesend Close work its romantic magic between Miss Judson and Mr. Hardcastle?

What mischief will Peony the Cat find, above and below the snowy streets of Swinburne?

What is the meaning of the cryptic messages left in the display window at Leighton’s Mercantile?

And will Myrtle ever get to read “The Final Problem?”

Learn the answers to these questions—and so much more—in Cold-Blooded Myrtle! Available for pre-order now.

Oh! How could I forget? I promised you one more thing, didn’t I?

Blankets or snow? You be the judge, Dear Reader…



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