#Myrtle Mondays: Myrtle at the VA Festival of the Book

#MyrtleMondays is back after a brief hiatus while my computer was in the shop and I had very limited internet access (I’ve stopped hyperventilating now). I’m popping in a day early to let you know about an exciting event happening THIS AFTERNOON!

The Virginia Festival of the Book is a free, all-virtual book festival currently in progress. I was fortunate enough to be on an amazing panel, “Girls in the World: Middle Grade Fiction,” which you can watch—FOR FREE!–this afternoon, Sunday, March 21, at 2:00 Eastern time.

The festival pulled together a great group of authors, all talking about the latest installments in middle-grade series featuring fabulous female main characters. We chatted about some of my favorite topics, with an all-new slant. It was really one of the most lively, fun, and interesting conversations I’ve had the chance to participate in. Join me and these fellow panelists:

Hena Khan, author Amina’s Song; Angie Smibert, author of The Truce; all moderated by the splendid Hannah Barnaby.

The panel was pre-recorded, and will be available all throughout the remainder of the festival. It’s free (I might have mentioned), but you will need to register here.

In other recent news, last week I attended my first event for Cold-Blooded Myrtle! Every spring, Algonquin and Bloomsbury co-host a dinner for independent booksellers, featuring authors with upcoming titles. This year it was a virtual dinner (and they did feed us, vicariously, via DoorDash gift cards), and as a fun question, the authors were asked, “What food has gotten you through the pandemic?” My answer? Sour milk. No, really! Thanks to some online-grocery misadventures, we were forced to add several sour-milk-friendly recipes to our repertoire. As I told the booksellers, the biggest success was sour milk waffles—and I promised to share that recipe, so here it is:

Sour Milk Waffles at RecipeLand.com

Wouldn’t waffles be a great Sunday afternoon snack, while watching your favorite authors chat about their new books? Join us today at the Virginia Festival of the Book!