#MyrtleMondays: A Sneak Peek at Cold-Blooded Myrtle, coming October 6

This week, I got to experience one of the most exciting parts of publishing a new book: seeing the proofs (or typeset pages) of Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries Book 3, Cold-Blooded Myrtle! If you are a Myrtle fan, you already know how beautiful the first two books are. Designer Carla Weise continues to do an amazing job on this series, helped along with some lovely interior artwork by Brett Helquist.

I can’t show you everything, but I am dying to share a little glimpse at what Book 3 is bringing. Enjoy this sneak peek at the Cold-Blooded Myrtle layout and design, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy here. (If you do forget, don’t worry: I’ll remind you again.)

The pithy H. M. Hardcastle returns with all-new epigraphs

The spot motifs (small illustrations) accompanying each chapter are drawn directly from the text, and ever since the fleur-de-lis key of Premeditated Myrtle, we’ve kept an eye out for what little object in the story might be the perfect pick. You’ll have to wait and find out what that little sprig signifies…

Peony fans will be anxious to see her latest portrait, as well. (It might be my favorite so far!)

Whose little white paws might those be?!

I do a lot of image research for the Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries. Here’s some of my inspiration for Cold-Blooded!


I’ll be sharing more details as they become available. Stay tuned!

…And in crazy quilt news, I have finished the embroidery on the two blocks I made in January. Leo would like to show them off to you.

Myrtle, Peony, their crazy quilt, and their first cold case will be hitting bookstore and library shelves everywhere on October 6!

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  1. Deborah Ford-Salyer

    Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the peek. Love the quilt and behind the scenes research.