#MyrtleMondays: Premeditated Myrtle Unboxing!

Today’s #MyrtleMondays post is a happy surprise! I had Something Else planned, but you’ll just have to wait (oooh, suspense!), because…

I got my AUTHOR COPIES!!! The shipment almost languished after the abrupt exodus of everyone from my publisher’s physical offices, but an industrious elf (or, most likely, a hardworking team of #Essential Elves) managed the impossible, and got me a box! I’m excited to bring you some glimpses of the beautiful (BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!!) hardcovers of Premeditated Myrtle. My editor was exactly right when she said that the digital images we’d seen heretofore do not do justice to just how amazing these books look in person.*

You can watch the Unboxing Video here:


I wrote the words, and had Thoughts on the cover, but want to call out the incredible design work by the team at Algonquin Young Readers. Jacket design by Laura Williams, cover art by Brett Helquist, title delightfully hand-lettered by Leah Palmer Preiss (go see her wonderful artwork–you will get lost there for hours!). I am enchanted by the whole package of the orangey-yellow (perhaps goldenrod?) cover contrasted with the deep inky purple jacket–it all looks so inviting! I hope you think so, too.

But I think this might be (one of) my favorite part(s):

The series number on the spine!! When I’m pulling mysteries off library shelves, I like to know which one to grab next. Some books make you hunt all over to find out what order they were published in! The Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries can be read in any order you like, but I know some readers prefer to read sequentially. They’ve made it beautifully easy!

The inside of the book is spectacular too, with stunning page layouts, Very Fancy Fonts, and some extra surprises, all designed by Carla Weise. You can tell everyone who worked on these books had a lot of fun.

And we can’t wait for you guys to get Premeditated Myrtle┬áinto your hands, too!

*e-book readers, do not despair: The electronic copies are just as gorgeous! I promise. You just can’t stack them up quite as well.

3 Responses to “#MyrtleMondays: Premeditated Myrtle Unboxing!”

  1. Judy Schuler

    Love it. Can’t wait to read it (again). And I want a hard copy. Once we can get back to having group in person, I’ll want it autographed. Maybe by the time it’s in the stores, that will happen. Congratulations!

  2. J Bunce

    Love the cover!
    Can hardly wait until I can go buy my copy.